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Hey Everyone!

Who doesn’t feel like a genius nowadays because of the internet? I know I certainly do, but what I notice happens quite a bit is that all the information you need isn’t always in one place, nor is it always in user friendly text. For example, I know concrete (especially flatwork), but I don’t know much about astrophysics (giving myself the benefit of the doubt with this phrasing). So, when Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about blackholes and solar systems, I basically wait to hear the words I know and then Google the 95% that I’ve never heard before. I’ve spent a good portion of the past decade pursuing a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I did fairly well for myself, but the thing that drove me into the career was to pull the wool from others’ eyes and shoot ‘em straight. That’s what I want to do with this part of my website and business, Williamson Concrete Solutions LLC.

Let’s get to the point then! I’m looking to post short, but informational and easily understood blogs on concrete. I’m going to touch on topics from winter care for your sidewalk to the different types of mixes and what makes this hard concrete slab different from that hard concrete slab. I’ll definitely use references so you can check my sources, but I’ll be explaining things using my experiences and my pap (he has over 40 years slinging concrete around, so he knows a bit!). Check back once or twice a month for new posts, I’ll put them on the website www.williamsonconcretepa.com, on Facebook at Williamson Concrete Solutions LLC, and on our Instagram @williamsonconcretesolutions. If you have specific questions you would like answered or topics for me to go over just let me know!

Have a good day!

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